Wholesale Bath Wrap Towels

Have you always wanted a towel you could wrap yourself in and it would stay there? Forget the hassle of the towel coming loose with the selection of bath wrap towels from CottonAge.

Bath wraps are designed with convenience and comfort in mind, ensuring your towel will never slip or fall off. The material is comfortable and absorbent, making them the ideal choice for both adults and children.

These fantastic towel wraps are available for men, women and children. The men’s wraps have an elasticated top section with Velcro which fits comfortably around the waist. The women’s is longer in length with an elasticated top section with Velcro, while the children’s also offer an elasticated top section and straps over the shoulder to ensure they don’t fall down.

Choice of Materials

The wholesale wraps from CottonAge come in a variety of materials. The terry velour material offers luxurious comfort and fantastic absorbency, the perfect choice for your new bath wrap.

Terry velour has terry cloth cotton on the inside, offering great absorbency, warmth and comfort. The outside of the wrap is made of velour which is luxurious and soft to the touch. These wraps are one hundred percent microfiber.

The popular waffle material is also highly absorbent. This material is one hundred percent cotton with a great honeycomb or grid like design. These towel wraps offer warmth and comfort when you need it most.

The kid’s bath towel wraps are made from the terry velour material, keeping your child snug and warm after their bath.


These wholesale bath towel wraps are comfortable and convenient. They are great for covering up with ease whether you’re getting out of the bath or pool without the worry that they will slip or fall down.

Made of the highest quality materials, the bath wraps from CottonAge are durable and perfect for home, hotel, or spa use.


These wholesale wraps are ideal for any use, and with a choice of materials to choose from, you can find the perfect choice to meet your needs.

Being highly absorbent, these wraps are incredibly durable so you may enjoy them for years to come. The materials are designed to be long lasting, making them the perfect to purchase for yourself, or as a gift for family or friends.

These wholesale wraps are also the perfect alternative in the spa or gym, rather than wearing a robe on a hot day. They don’t fall down and are secured in place with elastic and Velcro giving you confidence to walk around without worry.

Wholesale Bath towel wraps offer comfort, luxury and convenience and are a must have item for any home, hotel, or spa.

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