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Choosing the Right Bathrobe for You

     Bathrobes are one of the few things where necessity meets luxury. Aside from being very useful, bath robes give the extra benefit of bringing you a touch of extraordinary comfort that used to be possible only with hotel and spa bathrobes. But now, spa and hotel bathrobes can be bought everywhere and online. The best thing is that wholesale spa robe bathrobe purchases will be affordable, but still worth every penny. But to make sure that it is worth what you pay for, your robe should be perfect for you. There are many different types of bath robes. There are men’s and women’s bathrobes. There are unisex robes and kid’s bathrobes. There are one size fits all bathrobes, large bathrobes, and petite bathrobes. There are heavy robes, while there are lightweight bathrobes. Finally, there are robes made of various materials. There are terry cloth robes and waffle weave bathrobes. These robes are made of terry cotton and waffle fabric.

     With all these different types of bathrobes, how can you choose? The first thing you should consider when choosing a bathrobe is the fabric. Fabrics have a lot to do with what you can use the robe for and how they will make you feel when you wear them. The best fabrics are terry cloth and waffle weave. The Turkish terrycloth robe is thick and plush, while the waffle weave is lighter and thinner. The cotton robes are best used for bathing purposes because their fabric can absorb water fast. Cotton, however, come in many different forms. There are low to medium quality cotton fabrics, while there are high grade cotton fabrics. One of the high grade cotton fabrics, Turkish cotton, is best used for bath robes. Aside from the terry cloth bathrobe, there is also the waffle robe. The waffle weave is best used for purposes of covering up because they are lighter and are not very warm. The fabric of a bathrobe will also tell whether a robe is one of the 1st quality bathrobes or not. If the fabric is good, then you can be more assured that your robes are longwear bathrobes. After considering the fabric, you should also consider the weight of the robe. There are some bathrobes that are quite heavy.

     The weight of bathrobes is measured by the weight of every yard. Bathrobes in various weights are widely available for retail and wholesale bath robe sales. The different weights range from 10, 14, 20, and 24. The best womens bathrobe may be just around 10 or 14, while the best mens bathrobe may be around 20 or 24. This depends on your unique preference. Finally, after you think about the fabric and the weight, it’s time to pick your preferred style. There are many styles out there. If you are looking for bathrobes that resemble spa and hotel robes, you are probably thinking of the terry bathrobe. This is the thick, white robe made of terry cotton. It comes in many styles such as shawl collared, kids, velour, and shawl velour. Hotel and spa robes are usually velour type or terry velour. These are quite expensive but thanks to the wholesale bathrobe prices available online, you can get them at affordable prices. As for the other styles, some people like collared types, but some people consider the collar a disturbance. If you don’t like the shawl bathrobes, you should go for the kids robes. If you think you want to feel the comfort of a hotel bath robe, you can simply go to department stores and even spas that offer bathrobes for sale. However, the best course of action is to buy bathrobes at wholesale robe prices online. Online shops offer terry cloth robe, spa bath robe, and all other styles you can think of. So whether you want a terry robe or a spa robe, you will surely find the right robe for you online.