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Terry Velour Wraps


Wholesale Terry Velour Wraps

Our terry velour wraps are luxurious and soft, perfect for after soaking in a hot bath or when heading back into the house after a swim.

The inside is made of terry cotton which is highly absorbent, designed to keep you warm and dry. The outside of the wrap is velour which is velvety to the touch, offering a luxurious and warm wrap perfect for both indoors and outdoors.

The plush terry wraps come in a selection of men’s, women’s, and children’s wraps, ideal for home or business use. These wholesale wraps are one hundred percent cotton making them breathable, yet warm.

For Children

Children have a habit of hopping out of the bath and playing straight away, they want to be independent but often don’t dry themselves properly before they start running around. The wholesale velour wraps for children are a welcome addition to the wardrobe, the children can put them on with ease and the absorbent material will soak up any excess water and keep them warm while they play.

These terry wraps have elastic at the top combined with shoulder straps to ensure the wrap doesn’t fall down. They are durable so they can keep up with your active child.

The wholesale kid’s terry velour wraps come in a choice of fun colors, prints, and patterns, from zebra print to polka dots, adding some extra fun to bath time.

For Men

The men’s terry velour wraps are shorter in length with an elastic piece at the top which goes around the waist and secures with a Velcro closure to ensure the wrap doesn’t slip or fall off.

The men’s wraps come in a choice of colours and have a handy pocket, perfect for putting your phone when heading down to the pool.

For Women

The women’s terry velour wraps are snug and warm, perfect for getting out of a bath or heading off from the swimming pool. They are longer in length complete with elastic top with Velcro closure to ensure they don’t’ slip down or fall off.

The women’s choices are available in bath or shower designs, one has a pocket for your phone or keys. They come in a choice of great colors and patterns from white to pink and even fun polka dot designs.

Convenience and Luxury

Terry velour is a plush, luxurious material that offers you comfort when getting out of the bath, shower, or pool. The ability to wrap up in a towel without worrying it may fall off enables you to feel confident, look great, and be comfortable all at at once.

The terry velour wraps from CottonAge are all made of the highest quality materials and are designed to last.