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Waffle Bathrobes for Kids


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Kid's Waffle Hooded Bathrobe
Kid's Waffle Hooded Bathrobe
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Waffle Bathrobes for Kids

Children deserve the same luxury and comforts you have when you put on your bathrobe, which is why the waffle bathrobes for kids are such a great choice.

The waffle bathrobes from CottonAge are made from one hundred percent natural cotton which is ultra-absorbent making them perfect for after a bath or around the pool.

Cotton is a natural fibre which is highly absorbent, lightweight and the waffle design comes in a gridline or honeycomb style, which children love.

These kids bathrobes come in the hooded design which all children will love, whether you’re buying for your kids, family members or as a gift for friends. The hood gives children that extra luxury feel and keeps them snug and warm when they need it most.


The bathrobes for kids from CottonAge all come in the hooded design that is comfortable and warm. The cotton is hypoallergenic and the double stitching ensures these robes are durable and can withstand a child’s play with ease.

The great thing about cotton is that it is a breathable material, it’s ultra-absorbent and it keeps you warm at the same time, which is why this is always a great choice when looking at bathrobes for children.

They can be used around the pool or in the home and children will love being seen in them because they look great while remaining comfortable and warm.


The robes from CottonAge come in two great colours that children will adore, while and beige. Both very adult colours which will make them feel special and won’t embarrass them in front of family and friends.

Anywhere Anytime

The best thing about the kids waffle bathrobes is that they can be worn anywhere and at any time. If you’re spending a day at the pool, these robes are fantastic to wrap around the child when they get out of the water to keep them warm and dry while they get on with their games.

They are also perfect after a hot bath on a cold night, keeping the child warm before they head off to bed and giving them something easy to wrap around themselves as they move from the bathroom to their bedroom.

Easy to Wear

Children love simplicity and these bathrobes offer just that. They are so easy to wrap around and tie so children can put them on themselves with ease. They are lightweight, only a pound per robe, making them great whether indoors or outdoors and they are warm and comfortable.

Children love the feeling of independence and being able to do things for themselves which is why you should choose the waffle bathrobes for kids. This enables them to get dry and wrap themselves up and you can relax. The absorbency of the material will ensure they remain dry, even when they haven’t dried themselves properly with a towel, the robes are durable with double stitching and they will keep them warm while they run around and play after their bath or swim.

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