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Towels are must have items in any hotel, salon, home, or spa. They are essential in offering the convenience of being able to dry yourself after a shower, bath or swim. While there are many companies to choose from to meet your towel needs, CottonAge offers you a wide selection of high quality items at a great price.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is considered the finest cotton in the world. It is strong, soft, and ultra-luxurious. Egyptian cotton wholesale towels from CottonAge are made from one hundred percent cotton, which is fine yet highly durable and long lasting. Egyptian Cotton is the perfect choice for luxurious hotels, spas, and home use.

Turkish Cotton

Turkish cotton is a premium cotton that has long fibers and a natural shine. This cotton is also highly absorbent, making it the perfect choice when making your towel selection.The Turkish cotton towels from CottonAge are all one hundred percent cotton offering that luxurious and soft feel with great absorbency. They are perfect for any use, whether you’re looking for hand or bath towels.

Ring Spun Cotton

Ring spun cotton is very soft and durable. It is also absorbent and gets better after its first wash. The ring spun cotton wholesale towels are made from eighty-six percent cotton and fourteen percent polyester making them soft, warm and long lasting. Ring spun cotton towels are a great addition to any bathroom at a business or home.

Terry Cloth

Terry cloth is better known as towelling. Terry Cloth towels from Cotton Age are highly absorbent and warm. They are durable and made from one hundred percent cotton.Terry cloth can also be used for wholesale bathrobes due to their superior absorbency. Terry cloth towels are fantastic for the bathroom or by the pool, and a great addition to any home or hotel.

Available Choices

Whether you want the luxury of Egyptian cotton towels or the comfort of Turkish cotton towels, Cotton Age offers a great selection for you to choose from.There are large and comfortable wholesale bath towels which have great absorbency. The wholesale hand towels are an ideal size and perfect in any bathroom design. There are also washcloths available at CottonAge to match your bath and hand towels. The salon and pool towels are available in a variety of colors, are highly absorbent and durable. Lastly is the fantastic wholesale hooded baby towels made from terry cloth material which is highly absorbent, breathable, and warm.

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